Three Ways That Can Make Your Divorce Uncontested

Separation is the last thing a married couple wants, especially if they already have kids. However, some relationships are better to end soon than to continue with the potential to be abusive. Besides, an unhealthy marriage may lead to stress, depression, and even suicidal thoughts.

The legal proceeding of divorce can be exhausting and time-consuming. When both parties agree on the terms proposed together, the result will come out fast. But in some cases, one side can get possessive and even hostile.

Here, we will discuss how you can escape an abusive marriage without any chances of contestation.

Saving the Marriage with Professional Help

When a married person seems unburdened with a divorce, he/she is more likely to be accounted as the source of the problem. As a consequence, child custody is hard to be granted to that person, and most of the shared wealth will be given to the injured party. If you feel like your spouse mistreats you, you should first confront him/her and state your feeling. If he/she shows any intention to change, then you both should get therapy instead of a divorce lawyer.

It is best to be the initiator for the therapy session because in case the relationship ends up to be hopeless, you have strong evidence to present to the divorce court. However, only therapy by professional consultants or psychologists is counted. Telling your friends or close family members about the problem is excluded because the law requires solid records of your relationship’s condition.

Consulting with a Lawyer Preemptively

As soon as you notice an abusive behavior in your spouse, you should start seeking legal help. Even when the habit is still tolerable to you, you must not keep the fact for yourself. A third party can act as a witness, and the best third party there is is the divorce lawyer.

Reaching to a lawyer these days is very easy. You can find a lot of firms who welcome consultations through emails and other digital means. For example, Atlanta divorce lawyers Kessler and Solomiany is a law firm that has been in the business since 1998 and is contactable online. If you think that only green firms promote themselves on the Internet, you are wrong.

Slowly Separating Your Assets

Sharing assets can be economically encouraging to a family. The side that has chosen to sacrifice his/her career for the family gains the equal ownership status of the wealth. However, when the divorce happens, that status may end up as an empty dream.

Most of the time, the working spouse is the one who can afford the expensive lawyers who can increase his/her chances to win in the court. The losing side, on the other hand, is often forced to be satisfied with inadequate alimony.

If you suspect that your marriage is vulnerable to a financially devastating divorce, you must separate your assets from your spouse’s. You can pre-arrange this matter on a prenup, or you can gradually take the ownership of all the possessions that are rightfully yours.

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