No one hopes for mediocre sex—when you’re having sex, you want it to be mindblowing. You want to break some pleasure records each time. However, when two people are together for a long time, they tend to get in a routine with each other. Without intending to, they may allow their sex life to get stale. Or worse, with the distraction of kids, jobs, families, pets, and friends, they may let their sex life go, turning their relationship into more friendship than companionship.If you and your partner are looking for ways to relight that flame that used to burn through your bedroom and bathroom and kitchen and everywhere else you couldn’t take your hands off each other, here are four ideas to get you started.

1. Buy some sexy, freaky lingerie.


Couples often get to a point when lingerie seems pointless or a waste of money. Once you’ve seen each other at your worst and no one runs away, you start getting comfortable. Women start believing they don’t need to impress you with lingerie, and men may even begin to feel the same way.

However, mixing it up and doing something out of the ordinary can stir up some incredibly intense feelings. A man will look at a woman with new eyes when he sees her in a lacy teddy for the first time, possibly ever. Lace panties and a bralette can go a long way in turning up the heat. Just because you don’t need to impress your man doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try from time to time. So next time your man is zoned out on the couch watching TV, calmly and quietly walk through the room in a corset and thong. He will follow you wherever you are going.

2. Try a male enhancement supplement.


Leading Edge Health makes a line of all-natural supplements that work to increase sex drive and improve overall performance. You will enjoy a bigger, harder erection along with increased endurance and stamina. Extenze male enhancement will take your sexual encounters to the next level. You can back to the old days when you had all-night sex marathons, breaking in every room in the house. Extenze is a dietary supplement and does not immediately as a prescription aide might. Instead, you take one tablet daily for overall improved libido and endurance.

3. Have an affair with each other.


Affairs are so enticing because it is something new that feels wrong and dangerous. While having an actual affair can destroy your relationship and many areas of your life, you can spice up your sex life by having an affair with your partner. Book a hotel room at a hotel with a bar. Go there separately, meet at the bar, flirt, offer to buy her a drink, check her out in an unashamed way. After you’re each a little tipsy, discreetly ask her if she wants to join you in your room.

4. Roleplay your fantasies.


Even if your sex life hasn’t been record-breaking lately, you’ve still fantasized. Everyone has fantasies that play over in their head. Maybe these are fantasies you’ve shared with your partner before, and perhaps you’ve never shared with anyone because it felt too personal. Each of you should share your most sought after or reoccurring fantasy with the agreement that you will take turns playing them out. Maybe your partner secretly wants to be dominant or always wanted to have sex in a public location. You might be surprised to find you the two of you have similar fantasies but were too nervous about sharing before.