Everyone wants to experience a luxury vacation, but only a few can afford its high costs. If your budget can accommodate a luxury vacation, keep in mind that it’s a splurge-worthy venture. It relaxes your mind and relieves you from work stress. You might want to experience this thrill of a lifetime with your loved ones to help build stronger bonds. Are you planning a luxury vacation but lack creative ideas? Not to worry: This article features five luxury vacation ideas.

1. Try surfing or paddleboarding.


Surfing is a popular sport where people ride the waves using surfboards. Surfing could be a great way to enjoy your vacation. More so, the activity makes for great exercise. People without surf experience can continuously hone their surfing skills by taking surfing lessons. Today, many professional surf instructors teach the essential elements of the sport.

A typical surf school varies its surfing lessons according to ability levels. As a beginner surfer, start by taking beginner surf lessons. If you know you can’t cope in a group surf lesson session, ask the expert instructor to schedule a private surf lesson based on your skill level. As time goes on, you can move from small waves to more challenging waves and maneuvers. Whatever you choose, ensure you learn the basic water safety and surfing etiquette requirements.

You might also want to take paddleboard lessons. When choosing a surf school, opt for one that offers a competitive price. Nowadays, surf schools offer fixed price points for their lessons. Remember to go along with your board shorts or swimsuit, sunscreen, towel, and change of clothes. You can rent a paddleboard at any of the paddleboard rentals at the beach.

2. Experience a private jet charter.

Ever been on a private jet? If not, you’re missing out on a whole lot. If you have the resources, then, by all means, book a private jet charter. There’s a distinct line between private jet charters and first-class travel. If you’re planning leisure travel, a private jet charter is a way to go.

Chartering a private jet is a form of air travel that offers the traveler a great deal of luxury and comfort. With a private jet, you won’t have to put up with the discomforts and hassle of commercial flights. As we mentioned earlier, flying on a private jet requires a significant amount of money. We recommend taking this option if you have a substantial disposable income.

3. Go on an exotic safari.

Going on a vacation to East Africa is an excellent option for overspending your vacation at home. Best of all, it has the potential to become an unforgettable memory. No wonder people travel from different parts of the world to view the lovely landscape. When going on a safari, you might want to conduct extensive research on the location. A tour guide is needed during a safari, as you might not be conversant with the area. You can begin now to budget for your next trip.

4. Stay in a private resort.

If you’re traveling with friends or family members, consider staying in a resort. Resorts have become more prevalent in recent years because of the unique experience they provide. Whether it’s a sky or beach resort, you and your loved ones are in for a treat of a lifetime. Staying at a resort can help you relieve stress and relax better. Pick a place that offers an all-inclusive package that covers everything from food to entertainment. Additionally, the resort should be packed with lots of fun activities like golfing or scuba diving.

5. Rent a luxurious penthouse.


The view from a penthouse is breathtaking. Essentially, the luxurious penthouse renders peace and quietness. No doubt, renting a luxurious penthouse can be a costly affair. Compare prices offered by different companies to find the best price for you. The key takeaway here is a luxury penthouse can provide an unforgettable experience.