They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and that’s especially true if it’s on the smaller side.

We try to make areas more spacious so often that we forget how charming a small space is. If you love a tighter yet comfortable kitchen, you don’t need to fake extra space, but rather make your kitchen both functional and heartwarming. Even if interior design isn’t your forte, you can still create a whole new kitchen without sacrificing your personal style. And best of all, without wasting money on a complete remodel.

Here are the best tips to spruce up your tiny kitchen with a few tweaks. Keep reading to learn more.

Install Laminate Floors

Homeowners and their families walk into the kitchen for pretty much everything, not just to grab a bite. Since it’s a high-traffic area, laminate floor installation is a great choice. Besides, a new floor makes any room look good as new.

Laminate floors are durable, long-lasting, and will bring out the elegance in your kitchen. Using a vapor barrier underlayment will make the flooring even more resistant since laminate planks (and any wood floor) can warp and deteriorate from being exposed to moisture. These barriers are installed on the subfloor for extra protection.

If you’re installing your own laminate flooring, make sure you look for step-by-step instructions online, though it’s better to contact a professional installer to get the best results. An installer will tell you the average cost for installation, which is usually around $3 to $8 per square foot.

Economize Space (with Style)

So you’ve got full kitchen cabinets and not enough storage space? Here’s a good idea: use all the space you have wisely while making it look like a trend. Take a look:

  • Install a wall rack for pots and pans. Don’t hide your pretty, shiny utensils–make them part of the décor, instead.
  • Decorate a wall with your cutting boards. Some boards can take a lot of space. Gladly, they also look amazing on wall racks.
  • Get a double-layer dish drying rack. If you prefer to leave dishes to dry on their own, you’ll have a lot more sink room with one of these.
  • Buy a rolling kitchen cart. Carry and store what you need and roll it out of the way whenever you need more space.
  • Take up empty wall space with open shelvings. If you feel like your walls are lacking something, it’s always a good idea to show off your varied spices.

Add Some Color

Neutral colors can be simple and sophisticated at the same time. But what about creating a friendly, lively kitchen atmosphere with more unusual (yet not less charming) colors? For this part, you’ll have to think beyond just the walls.

Colorful appliances are beautiful when they match a kitchen’s style. Don’t be afraid to go for yellows, reds, or fun shades of blue. Just make sure all of the appliances are the same color and not out of sync with the kitchen’s color scheme.


Also, try this: decorate one wall with colorful or patterned ceramic tiles. It’s still important to leave some “white space”, as light-colored walls create an illusion of “openness” in the room.

Lastly, if you want a quicker makeover, get your kitchen a large, colorful rug. It’s the simplest way to make a noticeable change.

Get Creative with Wall Art

What to do with empty wall space other than installing racks? When in doubt, choose wall art.

You can organize canvas prints with cute sayings, use wall stickers with kitchen-themed illustrations…really, there’s no limit to creativity here. Only for this step, it’s better if you choose an entirely blank wall. This way you’ll prevent the design from getting confusing, which is the opposite of what you want.

Decorate with Indoor Plants

For many people, a dream house is one that’s full of decorative plants here and there. If you’re that person, it’s about time you’ve started to place small green house plants on top of cabinets and windowsills. On the other hand, bigger plants can beautify every corner of your kitchen. Just keep in mind that house plants need to be cared for. If you don’t think you’ll be a good plant parent, feel free to skip this step.


Sure, you can try to apply these tips on your own. However, hiring interior designers like the kitchen design Denver professionals will make a difference in your kitchen by taking each of your needs and tastes into account. Think about it: a higher final cost is nothing compared to a job well-done.