There are a variety of social and cultural issues that have challenged our spiritual fortitude of late. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, unemployment in America is rising all the time, reaching historical rates. And these don’t even include the daily trials and tribulations which we all deal with. Life right now is difficult. In the wake of such difficulties, the church is now even more important than ever.

Religious faith helps people to deal with and make sense of what’s happening in their lives. Many attend weekly church services, seeking guidance from their pastors and preachers. Worshippers fellowship with other members of their faith to find some communion when trying to make some sense of it all. There are church leaders who find that it is their calling to step forward during such times, to lead their flock through the dark times. If you have experienced such a calling, then here are some tips on how to best begin a church.

1. Gain experience as a spiritual leader.


This is a crucial step to take when seeking to create a church. Parishioners will want to follow someone who has studied and is well versed in their faith. To do this, you have to determine what sort of leader you want to become. Once you’ve done that, it’s best to consult preachers or pastors at your church to talk about the requirements needed to become a preacher or pastor. This may mean enrolling at a seminary or religious college or gaining on-the-ground experience working at an existing church.

After doing this, you should begin to look into what college or university you should attend to continue your religious studies. To seek a job in a religious leadership career, you’ll be pursuing religious majors such as Bible or pastoral studies, theology, and ministry. Program courses in these majors include courses in the Old and New Testament, ethics, theology, sociology, and pastoral studies. While going through a college program, you’ll also be able to intern as an assistant preacher or associate preacher with a church.

2. Create a non-profit.


Once you undergo ordainment as a preacher, its best to create a non-profit organization. You’ll have to understand the rules and guidelines of tax exemption and the structure of your organization. Being a non-profit means the organization needs to operate only for religious, scientific, educational, or other charitable purposes. Any net earnings cannot go to shareholders or private individuals, and the organization’s activities cannot be illegal and cannot intervene in political campaigns, influence legislation, or violate fundamental public policy.

Throughout this process, it is best to consult both a lawyer and a tax expert. Finding people who are better versed in how to handle such matters can make the process of starting a church a lot easier.

3. Build your congregation.


Finding a congregation that will follow your teachings is a large part of starting a church. You need to know who you’ve been called to preach to. Are you preaching to an older generation of your faith? Are you seeking out members of a younger generation? There are many questions that need to be answered when seeking out a congregation.

Also, you need to locate a physical location for conducting worship services. Is the church meeting out of a home, or will you need to build a new place of worship? If you’re considering building a new space, you should work with a contractor you trust and build a good-sized space, so that you have room to grow. A 100×200 steel building is a good place to start, and a steel structure will give you a sturdy place in which to congregate. Work with local contractors and a project manager with whom you have a good rapport. Your contractor will be your go-to person, and you want that contractor to be trustworthy and available to your various concerns.

Once a location for the church is established, it needs to be filled with items like church paraments, lecterns, altar cloths, banners, tapestries, and other accessories in the appropriate liturgical colors. You can order everything from crucifixes and altar paraments to prayer books and bible markers online, so you won’t need to worry about the adornments and accessories for your new, gorgeous metal building.

4. Advertise for your church


In order to have people come to your church, they have to know about it. This can be done through advertising. You can host events, and encourage people to sign up for your digital mailing list. Another cost-effective way is to create flyers and postcards advertising your new church. If you have the funds, consider investing in online ads to get the word out about the church. Your best method of advertising will depend on your target audience.

5. Host special events


One way to build your church from the ground up is to host special events. This can help to build the congregation of the church, in addition to raising awareness about your place of worship. Events such as these can be geared towards specific age groups and target audiences. You can make your special event stand out by inviting guest speakers and musicians for entertainment. Another way is to build fellowship with other established places of worship by reaching out to other ministries and fellowships and inviting them to attend your events.