The assessed value of your home can affect whether you qualify for a home equity loan and how much you can borrow. Your home’s value will also determine the list price for your home if you plan to sell.

Investing in renovations can increase your property’s value, but some upgrades do not pay off. It’s essential to focus on updates that will attract buyers’ interest because they will pay more for your home. Focusing on these steps can ensure your home’s value increases.

1. Kitchen Upgrades


The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Cramped, dark, and outdated kitchens can deter values and lower your property value.

Replace old cabinets to improve your kitchen’s appeal and amount of accessible storage space. Many buyers prefer cabinets with soft close hinges that prevent doors from slamming shut. Look for cabinets that have melamine interiors because melamine is easy to clean, and it’s non-porous. Non-porous cabinets will not absorb water and swell.

A new countertop can also be a sound investment. Old, chipped countertops or countertops made of tiles can be replaced with granite or butcher block.

Another way to increase your kitchen’s value is by replacing old appliances with energy-efficient appliances. This investment will pay off by reducing your energy bills.

2. Structural Investments

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that appraisers and potential buyers will see. One of the most notable parts of a home’s exterior is the roof. Old, damaged roofs will easily lower your property’s value. Additionally, leaks can cause structural damage and lead to costly repairs.

Turn to the expert roofers, such as the team at Pittsburgh Roofing to repair or replace your roof. They offer free inspections and competitive pricing. You can choose from several different types of roofing shingles. Buccos Roofing also offers different shingle colors and designs so that you can invest in a durable roof that will compliment your home’s design.

It also may be time to replace your garage door with a custom door. But, if your existing door is in good shape, you can turn to garage door experts for garage door repair service to ensure that your garage door is working correctly. Experts can help you replace damaged tracks, springs, door openers, cables, and panels.

Insulation is another worthwhile structural upgrade. Adding blow-in insulation in your attic will reduce your home energy costs and boost your property’s value.

3. Curb Appeal


Replacing or repairing your roof and garage door can add to your home’s appeal because they will approve your home’s appearance. There are also other steps you can take to increase your home’s curb appeal.

Trim back overgrown hedges and trees and add flowerbeds outside your home. You should also clear walkways so that they are accessible.

Improving your home’s exterior facade will also add to its appeal. One way to do this is by applying a stone veneer over concrete below your home’s siding. Another option is to replace your siding or repaint your home.

4. Add Light


Buyers are more attracted to bright homes. You can increase the light in your home with natural and artificial light.

It’s possible to add natural light is by replacing your windows. Energy-efficient windows will cut down on your energy costs and can be used to let in more light. You may opt to install a bay window as a design feature. Another way to add natural light to dark hallways and areas is to hire your roofing experts to install skylights.

For dark rooms with smaller windows, update your light fixtures, and add lighting. It’s a good idea to add track lighting to your kitchen and ensure there’s adequate lighting in your bathroom since those are essential rooms that should be well lit.

Rooms will appear larger than they are if they are lighter. One way to increase the light in a room is by repainting walls bright or neutral colors. Avoid dark colors that make rooms appear smaller.

5. Bathroom Updates


Bathrooms are essential rooms that will impact your home’s value. Most buyers want homes with multiple bathrooms. They also prefer bathrooms that are bright, clean, and accessible.

It may be possible to touch up your bathrooms by repainting the walls and replacing your tub. You can also use tile to give your bath a modern look.

Replace your bathroom fixtures for a simple but effective upgrade. If the vanity is old or damaged, you may also want to replace it.