Many people love being near the water, claiming that it gives them a sense of peace or helps them feel happier. While we can’t all live at a beachfront home or own a lake house, there are still some ways to be around water utilizing the space you have in your back or front yard space.

Water makes us happy for quite a few reasons. Here you can learn about six of those reasons and how you can potentially add some water elements to your yards and capitalize on that happy feeling.

1. Water provides a natural gathering area.


If you don’t already have a swimming pool in your backyard, particularly those that live in the warm Florida climate, then consider consulting with the swimming pool builders Tampa offers, and add a custom pool to your property. Not only can this increase your property value, but it also offers a great area in your own backyard for your family to gather, and cool down. Even those reluctant adolescents, who would rather spend time on their phones, would find diving into a custom pool hard to resist, on those hot Tampa Bay summer days. But even beyond the Tampa Bay area, however, a new swimming pool would work well in almost any yard space as this natural gathering area allows for more family time, and an opportunity to invite guests over to enjoy the pool as well.

2. Being close to water can help you relax.


Many studies have been conducted to determine why water makes humans feel happier, and one of those reasons found is that it helps us relax. The soothing sounds of water, whether it is ocean waves crashing on the beach or the gentle waves of a lake, help redirect our minds away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you crave that sound of running water but aren’t close to any large bodies of water, you could add a waterfall into your landscape garden designs to increase the tranquility of your outdoor living space.

3. Water can provide a great workout environment.


Getting in a regular workout can already help increase happiness, but using water for a workout can be a great way to exercise too. Swimming, water aerobics, and other water workouts will help your muscles develop, and can offer a safe environment. On a treadmill or in a gym, there is a risk of slipping and falling. Swimming pools keep you buoyant and make it harder to strain muscles.

4. Therapists are using water to treat PTSD, anxiety, and other disorders.


If you have a certain type of mental condition such as anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and others, then your psychologist DC may be able to use water to help treat you and alleviate some of the symptoms. There are some effective ways water can be used, according to Psychology Today. You can try getting an aquatic massage or use a sensory deprivation tank as these can help increase mindfulness and help you control your thought process. Make sure you only try these under the supervision of a counselor, clinical psychologist, or other mental health professional.

5. Water can increase creativity.


Water has always played a part in human stories, dating far back to ancient mythology. It relaxes us, takes away stress, and allows those creative juices to start flowing. When you enter a meditative state, it makes it easier to focus on writing, painting, and other creative outlets that we so often push aside, citing the reason as having no room in our packed schedule. Sometimes, being creative is just what we need to feel happy again

6. In some cases, water may lower breathing and heart rates.


It’s no secret that most Americans are stressed, whether it’s from work, kids, school, or a combination of all the above. That stress can end up being harmful and can increase both your heart rate and breathing rate. If you are experiencing a lot of stress, it may benefit you to be near water in some form. That sound of running water or crashing waves can do a great job of lowering your increased heart rate as you de-stress from the pressures of life.