Have you found yourself needing a little extra space? Are you caught up in the moving process and feel like boxes are stacking on top of each other? You may need to look into what a storage facility has to offer you. Let’s take a look at what you can get from the available storage options across Irvine, California, whether you’re moving in, moving out, or just need more storage space for your belongings.

Consider your storage needs.


Finding storage space to accommodate your belongings is as easy as Googling “self storage Irvine, CA.” When exploring quotes for a storage unit, consider what’s going in the storage unit, as well as how often you will need to access the unit. Helpful staff will work with you to determine the right size rental for you. You don’t want to buy up too much space, wasting money on a unit each month. The right storage unit will afford you enough space to safely move items in and out, while still leaving additional space as needed for your possessions.

You can determine the unit you need after touring a self-storage facility, giving you a better idea of the actual unit that is going to suit your situation. In addition, they will work with you financially to make sure that you have a good experience throughout the entire process of choosing a unit. You may be able to capitalize on certain discounts, depending on your needs. For example, some storage facilities offer savings for students who use the storage space to keep their dormitory belongings nearby UC Irvine, rather than taking them back home.

Make sure specific climate conditions are met.


When you’re looking at storage unit companies available in Irvine, you also want to make sure that your unit not only covers storage, but proper and safe storage. For example, you may require a climate-controlled storage locker for certain possessions that need to be treated gingerly. Baseball cards and other collectibles often fall under this umbrella. These climate-control units are designed to prevent humidity, which can be detrimental to important older documents or materials that may not be able to withstand certain conditions.

If you’re seeking an outdoor storage unit for a vehicle or RV, you may opt for a climate-control space for a more collectible car. This will keep it in more prime condition, avoiding rust on the exterior or causing any issues with the material that the interior is made from. You may want to look into other amenities for your self-storage unit based on any care or treatment of the belongings. For example, you may want to have access to an electrical outlet if you need to plug in your laptop to maintain inventory in a storage space for your business.

Be assured that your possessions are stored safely.


If you’re in need of extra storage anywhere in Irvine, you want to afford yourself some peace of mind. Round-the-clock security and staffing are key to making sure that whatever you’re placing in storage is kept secure. This can include security on the premises to continuously monitor a storage facility overnight, or you may want to reserve a unit that has greater surveillance for outdoor units. After all, outdoor units are mainly designed for vehicles for easy access in and out of the facility grounds.

With a wide variety of storage units, 24-hour security cameras are crucial for the safe operation of a facility and making sure that all belongings from renters are being held safe. Some facilities even rely on codes for gate access just to get into the parking lot for the self-storage facility. Be sure to consult with the staff at venues across Irvine to make sure that your self-storage needs are being met.