Buying your new spouse a gift probably isn’t that difficult. Like any family member, you know all about their tastes and interests and what they’d love for themselves or your new home together. There’s a difference, though, between an ordinary gift and something a little more special than they’ll treasure for years. If you’re hoping to buy your new spouse something they’ll love, read on for some creative ideas.

The Gift of Time


The gift of time is something that’s priceless. While you could, and certainly should pick up that Rolex watches your spouse has had their eye on, you could make the gift of a watch even more sentimental if you thought past watchmakers and timepieces and gifted quality companionship along with those things. Consider planning a date night, picnic, or even a few hours to browse together through your honeymoon pictures. Spending time with the television, internet, phones, and even Wi-Fi off will go a long way in sealing your bond and make your gift more special.

Meanwhile, top off the gift of your time with that physical watch or timepiece item that you know your spouse will treasure. Buy pre-owned luxury watches online or in retail stores like Bob’s Watches. The semantics of where you find the perfect watch and how you purchase it is not as important as the way you gift it.

Pets and Companionship


If your spouse is an animal lover who’s been spending time researching changes to make at home before getting a pet, you’re in a great position of making their companionship dreams come true. Think about rescuing an older dog or kitten from the local humane shelter. Your local shelter will be able to help you with finding the right breed for your partner. Whether they have allergies or are looking for a non-aggressive breed, the best way to pick a pet for someone else is to ask questions and do your research.

Your gift of a new best friend could come with other gifts too. Look into reasonable prices on dog beds, pet crates in good condition, and more, the same way you’d price compare for women’s watches with your time gift.

If your partner already owns a pet, think of items they might like for it. Cat owners never mind the gift of new climbing structures or catnip. Dog owners are always grateful for that new leash or no-pull harness. Don’t leave your new spouse’s pets out of the equation when thinking of what to buy for them.

Gifting Adventure


Travel means not only adventure but shared memories. A fantastic gift for your new spouse could be tickets to a new destination, a cruise, or even an RV or camper. These could all be fantastic ways to not only spend time together but to make new memories. If you’re creative enough with this, you could research pet-friendly destinations and bring your partner’s new best furry friend along for the adventure, too.

Has your new spouse always talked about a place they’d like to visit? Are they always telling you stories about a place they miss from their past? Sharing those experiences together could set you on the path for a bright future ahead in your relationship.

In the end, whether you decide to go with an Omega watch or first-time train tickets, your new spouse is bound to love whatever you pick if you put good thought into it. Take some time to pay attention to the little things. Notice how they spend their free time and what they’re researching. Odds are, just by paying closer attention, your partner will also point you in the right direction. Happy gift-giving to you!