We all know the importance of a healthy sex life, but unfortunately, that doesn’t stop life from getting in the way. Before you know it, that great sex you once had is a memory––you can only look back on it fondly and wonder how to get back. A 2019 survey based in the United States, showed that the happiest couples are those who are in love, enjoy a healthy sex life, and have an “equal balance of power.”

The survey also found that roughly 47% of people in a relationship said that sex was important in the relationship, and around the same number reported being “satisfied” with their current sex life. So basically, only half of the people (in a relationship) are experiencing an enjoyable sex life. The good news? There are several ways to get a more active sex life. Here are a few tips on how to regain that spark in the bedroom.

Experiment with medications for erectile dysfunction.

HealthLine notes that erectile dysfunction is common and can be caused by several possible factors such as blocked blood vessels, health problems affecting blood flow (such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc.), certain medications, or an emotional/relationship problem. If you (or your partner) are experiencing erectile dysfunction and are suffering from an enlarged prostate, then you’re probably also curious about the prices of Cialis considering that Cialis can be used as a medical treatment for both.

Cialis has been shown to be safe for use on a regular basis––fixing the sexual problem of a lack of spontaneity. As of 2018, the FDA has approved a generic Cialis called Tadalafil to both treat erection problems and prostate enlargement in older men. Cialis (and the generic Tadalafil) comes in multiple dosages (2.5 mg tablets, 5 mg tablets, 10 mg tablets, and a 20 mg strength). Depending on your doctor’s advice, you will be prescribed a new prescription for Cialis based on your medical conditions and the medications you’re taking.

Since Cialis doesn’t increase blood pressure while still giving you steady erections, it is safer to take despite most health problems like heart disease or high blood pressure. While Cialis isn’t covered by a lot of insurance plans, the generic version (Tadalafil) is covered by Medicare and most other insurance plans. Also, you can look for coupons through GoodRx Coupons for Cialis.

Learn to enjoy “real life sex”.

Let’s be honest—between the fantasy of sex in movies, how sexual activity is depicted in pornography, and through your own sexual interest; you may overlook the intense intimacy that comes from regular lovemaking with your spouse or partner. According to Caroline West (a doctoral scholar in sexuality studies at Dublin City University), who was interviewed for a piece in Refinery29 in 2019, the entertainment industry does not portray sex as it is in real life. Often, scenes of intimacy will leave out the very vital aspects that are key to safe sex and sexual satisfaction (like the use of condoms and lubricant, the importance of foreplay, or sex outside of mere penetration).

Most older adults know sex isn’t like it is in the movies, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be frustrating when a sexual problem arises. When it comes to sex advice for older couples it’s important to note that it’s normal for your sex drive and sexual function to change based on lifestyle changes, age, and your health. You can’t keep up with young people forever, but that’s okay. They lack the experience older couples have with lovemaking. When it comes to enjoying “real life sex”, open communication is the most important thing.

Whether it’s vaginal dryness caused by menopause, a natural decrease in libido, a fantasy, trouble keeping an erection, or a desire to add toys to your foreplay; let your partner know what you want and/or are struggling with. Sexual performance anxiety and new obstacles in the way of self-esteem and sexual desire are natural, it’s key to be able to talk it out. Then get comfortable, take your time (that means more foreplay for proper arousal), enjoy some pillow talk and explore new ways of gaining sexual satisfaction.

Learn more about the female body.

Also according to that 2019 survey previously mentioned, only 51% of women “orgasm frequently” with their partners. This doesn’t even account for issues facing seniors such as chronic pain, arthritis, disability, fragile joints, or side effects from medicines such as antidepressants or antihistamines that can affect sexual desire and the ability to reach orgasm.

The Mayo Clinic notes that most women will experience sexual dysfunction at some point in their lives as a result of hormone changes, physical changes, and psychological changes. Issues ranging from mere vaginal dryness, a loss of sensation to active discomfort can happen as the vagina goes through life’s changes. Seeking professional medical advice and learning new tactics for stimulation can be a great way to reclaim the female orgasm.

Don’t make it all about intercourse.

Find new ways of showing sexual affection outside of penetration. Intimacy can come from mere hugs, kisses, and snuggles. For sexual release, a lot of couples find experimenting with outercourse, different sexual positions, mutual masturbation, and sex toys to help them find new ways of pleasing each other. Finding an ideal time of day with fewer distractions and a little bit of physical contact can make all the difference. If all else fails, consider seeing a sex therapist.