If you are an expectant mother (or dad!) who is planning on decorating a beautiful nursery on a budget, you are likely curious about where you should start. You don’t need to be wealthy to create the beautiful nursery you’ve always dreamed of. Besides, your new baby will love his or her room no matter what.

Creativity, seeking out sales, and research goes a long way in cutting down costs. These five tips may give you ideas on how to make room for your little one.

1. Convertible cribs are the way to go


Convertible cribs have a tendency of being more pricey than traditional cribs. But spending more money now will save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Convertible cribs are an innovative product. They are initially a regular crib and then, they can transform into a toddler bed, and eventually a daybed for preschool-aged children.

You can even buy spare parts that will allow you to convert the daybed into an adult-sized bed. This one single purchase has the ability to last upwards of 21 years, all the way until your child is in college. Talk about saving money!

2. Design is all about the art of illusion


The art of illusion is everything. If the room you’ve designated as the nursery is small in size, you have two options to make it appear larger. You can add a 9×10 area rug and place it adjacent to your baby’s crib. A less expensive alternative to adding an area rug is utilizing the services of a flooring company. You may have to call around, but you’re sure to find a company that specializes in binding the edges of carpet remnants together—creating a unique, beautiful area rug out of scraps.

Painting the walls a light color will also make the nursery appear larger than it actually is. Light grey or pastel pink or blue are the best options. You can even make an accent wall by painting one of the four walls a different color. The accent wall should be the same color, but two shades lighter or two shades darker than the primary paint you chose.

3. There’s no shame in hand-me-downs


You might want the furniture and bedding to be brand new, but there’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs or used decor and baby toys. If you visit your local thrift stores and venture a variety of yard sales, you’re sure to find a few bargains on the necessary items you want your nursery to have. Often, you’ll find treasures that are still in great condition. If your family or friends have offered you their child’s belongings, the stuff they’ve outgrown, there is absolutely no shame in accepting. If there are a few things you don’t like, remember that you can always donate them.

4. DIY projects aren’t just for “Pinterest moms”


When you conduct a Google search for DIY ideas for nurseries, you will be mind blown with how many options there are. You can decoupage all of the outlet covers—and don’t forget to buy baby safe outlet plugs. Another idea is to cut hearts out of all the congratulatory cards you received at your baby shower or while you were in the hospital after giving birth. Frame all of the cut-out hearts and nail them onto the nursery’s walls. You’ll end up with a variety of colors and designs that you will absolutely adore.

5. Move furniture around


If you have extra nightstands or dressers in other rooms of your home, why not place them in the nursery? You will save thousands of dollars in doing so. If the wood’s color doesn’t match, you can sand, paint, and seal the furniture yourself—with the assistance of YouTube instructional videos.

Conversely, you can call a few local painters and find the best price for them to take care of the labor. An old piece of furniture can look brand new with a little bit of TLC. A tight budget doesn’t equate to a dull nursery; it just takes more time and effort. In the end, you will be satisfied with the outcome.