Home renovations can be tough to estimate. People tend to wildly underestimate how much time and money they’ll need to spend to do things like renovate their kitchen or expand their garage. What you want to cost $10,000 may cost three or four times that. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, only that you need to be realistic about what you’re getting into. That includes separating the good reasons for a home makeover for bad reasons. Needing a private home picture might be a good reason to clean or redecorate, but isn’t a good reason for a major home improvement project. Here are three good reasons to go ahead with that home renovation project.

Your Home is Unsafe

A leaky roof may seem harmless in the short-term, but a leaky roof can lead to mold, and mold can lead to health problems. And while you may not think it’s a big deal if one or two of your outlets don’t work right, it could mean the house’s entire wiring was installed incorrectly. Bad wiring puts you at a higher risk for a house fire, so that means you need to call an electrical contractor in Marlboro, NJ right away. 

A lot of issues that don’t feel urgent actually need to be addressed as soon as possible. The problem may seem new to you, but it could have been festering inside your house for years or even decades. If an expert you trust says there’s a problem, then you should listen to them and go ahead with a home renovation project. Sure, it’s easy to say that delaying it is cheaper in the long run, but waiting a year or two can make things that much more expensive to repair.

You Plan to Sell Soon

Spring and fall are particularly good times to sell your home. In fact, some experts believe May is the best month of all to sell your home. But if you want to list your home in April or May, you should start thinking about it a good year or so in advance. Six or nine months might work for some renovations, but that leaves you less room for error. For example, when working with a professional like All Weather Seal windows, window replacements can still take 4-7 weeks from the time of your order, to complete the project.

If you wait too long to start renovations, then you risk not being able to put your home on the market until late next fall. People aren’t as concerned with buying a home during late fall, and things slow down even more in winter. The holidays are stressful enough without searching for a home. Most prospective home buyers would rather think about presents and eggnog than worry about mortgage loans in December. 

If you live in a hot market, you can overcome some timing issues. But if you don’t want to rush your house onto the market before it’s ready, then you need to start thinking about knocking out those home renovation projects sooner rather than later. 

You Have Extra Money

Unexpected cash windfalls rarely look the way we think. Sure, you may play the lottery every weekend, but your chances of winning Mega Millions are roughly 1 in 300 million. Striking it rich via the lottery is a common fantasy, but you’re much more likely to get extra money some other way. Your boss might give you a bigger-than-expected holiday bonus, for instance.

When that happens, you’ll be tempted to blow the money on a weekend in Vegas. Vegas is fun, but spending the money to make your nice home into a dream home is a better idea. Take that cash and get the full-service home design experience in Morristown, NJ. Many influential figures such as renowned lawyer and mineral enthusiast, Howard Fensterman, take pride in their home and treat it as a gathering place to expand their social networks. You can replace those sad, square windows in your living room with beautiful bay windows instead. You can tear out the old shag carpet and install classy hardwood floors instead. Once you’ve got the money, all you need is a little imagination.