Quarantine has us staying home more often than not, which means it is only natural to want to get a furry friend to keep us company during our time inside. Adopting a new pet is such an exciting time, but there is a reason people call them their fur babies — they demand a ton of time, dedication, and work. If you are a first-time dog owner, it may be overwhelming to figure out everything you may need for your new pup, so we’ve put together an easy list of the necessities to get when welcoming your new puppy into your home.

Harnesses and leashes they can grow into.


Most pet owners think that even if their dog is fully grown, they only need one side leash and dog harness. But in reality, harness for dogs are meant to be tools to help control your puppy safely, and it may take time for your pup to learn how to interact with a harness properly. Harnesses are meant to allow your dog freedom of movement during walks without hurting their neck, but some dogs may walk better with a harness that clips in the front of their chest or one that clips on their back. This principle also goes for leashes. Until you know how well your dog walks, you may need to invest in multiple leashes with different lengths. So don’t be afraid to purchase a couple of harnesses and see which harness doesn’t pull on your puppy’s neck.

Clothes for different seasons.


When looking into clothes for your dog, there are two things to consider: the length of their coat and the climate you live in. Many people think that just because dogs have fur coats means that they won’t need extra protection in the elements but this is not true! Most dogs will need some sort of coat or jacket during the wintertime, as well as a sweater for cooler days and maybe even boots to protect them from the snow. Make sure that the jacket you get will work well with a harness as well — you’ll want your puppy to wear both jacket and harness on walks, of course!

Poop baggies and a pooper scooper.


While this may not be the most glamorous part of being a dog owner, it’s important to prepare so you can keep your neighborhood or backyard clean and tidy. To make cleanup a bit easier for you, investing in a pooper scooper or even a professional pet cleanup service can save you tons of time and stress. If you would like to choose a professional to complete the waste pickup for you, all you have to do is Google something similar to “dog poop pickup grove village il” to find a company near you.

A variety of treats.


Not all dog treats are considered equal, so you’ll want to stock up on a few different types to ensure your dog is happy all day long! There are plenty of treats to choose from for everyday rewards, and it is also a good idea to purchase some soft, training treats for when you work on training commands and such. Larger chew treats and big bones are also considered treats and are great to give as larger rewards or as objects of distraction.

Baby gates and crates.


Dogs are pack animals and love to play, but they also thrive on solitude and alone time. Pets are just like us, after a long day of mental stimulation, it is only normal that they would want to spend some time alone to nap or just be with a toy. A great way to allow them to do this is by investing in some baby gates or even a crate that can be used as a barricade while creating their own space. Soon your dog will see this area as their safe space, and you’ll find them going there all by themselves during the day.

With these new items, your pup will be right at home and completely comfortable barreling down the sidewalk with their harness and leash on and you in tow!