Having a baby changes your life. During pregnancy, hormonal changes and weight gain alter the mother’s body, and some experience health issues stemming from the delivery.

New babies need to be fed and changed throughout the night, and the sleep deprivation and lack of personal time can make the transition to parenthood difficult. Although it’s natural for a parent’s schedule to change after having a child, new parents need social outlets. Let’s look at maintaining your social life and why you should preserve your social connections after having a child.

How can you maintain your social life after having a baby?


New parents have more responsibility when they have a child and must cope with their responsibilities in a sleep-deprived state. Newborns may need up to 12 diaper changes per day. In addition to the time spent changing their diapers and washing soiled clothes, parents also spend time consoling their baby when the baby cries, and new moms may spend at least four hours per day nursing their baby.

These obligations can make it hard to maintain a social life, but new parents can use tools to manage tasks. New moms may invest in a pumping nursing bra and a breast pump, such as the Medela or Elvie breast pumps. Using a nursing bra and a pump enables you to pump breast milk you can store for your baby, ensuring they can be fed when you’re absent. This can ease the burden at nighttime because your partner can use a bottle to feed your infant breast milk from a bottle at night, allowing you to get extra sleep when you need it. It also enables you to consider returning to work and attending social events with friends. Nursing bras don’t have underwire, ensuring maximum comfort for new mothers choosing to breastfeed. Using a breast pump and a hands-free nursing bra enables you to multitask, allowing you to handle other responsibilities while pumping milk for your child.

Suppose you want to go dancing with friends, but you don’t want to spend the night in a noisy club because your little one cries a lot, and you want a break from the noise. Head to a silent disco and rent silent party headphones to customize your experience. Every silent party attendee chooses their music channel, which means you can listen to something soothing or something upbeat depending on your mood. You can also remove your headphones to talk to friends, and you won’t have to shout over loud music to communicate. Silent party suppliers have rigorous cleaning protocols, so you don’t have to worry about exposure to viruses, making this a safe option for new parents who need a night out with friends.

Why is it crucial you maintain social connections after you have a child?

Cleveland Clinic reports between 50 and 75 percent of new moms struggle with mild depression after having a baby. Approximately 15 percent of these women develop postpartum depression, which is more severe and typically lasts longer than the baby blues.

Medical experts recommend new mothers maintain social connections to help them cope with depression. Attending support groups and getting out of the house can also help manage postpartum depression.

New dads may also struggle with depression and feel excluded, particularly if their partner’s breastfeeding. Schedule changes can make men feel like their life’s spiraling out of control, causing stress and frustration. The Mayo Clinic recommends new dads build a social network for support before their child arrives. New dads can turn to this support group for advice and encouragement after the baby’s born. Maintaining a social life also helps parents feel like they haven’t given up their identity and can still enjoy their favorite activities.

New parents make many adjustments after having a baby. Maintaining a social life reduces isolation and helps new dads and moms prevent depression and manage stress after having a child.