When discussing healthy hair, skin, and nails, we often hear about the importance of anti-aging treatments, eating healthy fats, getting enough biotin, and not eating too much sugar and fried foods. What we don’t hear about often enough is the importance of drinking water.

The May Clinic notes that while there’s a lack of research supporting the fact that water consumption creates healthier skin, there is a connection between water and hydrated skin. Drinking water is crucial for the health of your hair, skin, and nails, as is using gentle cleansers, avoiding prolonged contact with hot water, moisturizing, and avoiding products with alcohol, fragrance, retinoids, or alpha hydroxy acid.

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Enjoy body treatments at the spa.

The Endota Spa includes treatment rooms for their multiple different types of body treatments such as facials, massages, manicures, pedicures, waxing services, tanning services, and packages to save money on multiple services. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, facials are currently not permitted. That being said, you can still get a massage, get your nails done, or relax in the sauna.

The Endota Spa considers wellbeing to be a priority rather than a luxury. Most of their facial treatments offer water-related elements such as moisturizing and rehydrating. After all, what’s more, natural than water? If you’d like to get started on your facial rehydration at home you can start by drinking more water.

How much water should you drink?

Opinions on how much water you should drink vary widely. Likely, it depends on the individual’s needs. For example, according to dietitian Amanda Foti, the average person requires somewhere between 48 and 64 ounces of water a day.

However, according to an article in StyleCraze from earlier this year, how much water we consume depends on physical activity, body weight, and gender. Even health organizations can’t seem to agree! That being said, according to the article, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends 2.9 liters for men, 2.2 liters for women, and 4.5 liters for anyone doing high labor activities.

The bottom line? You’re probably not drinking enough water and it’s time to start! Not only is it great for your health, but it’ll benefit your looks in three major ways.

Hydrate your skin.

The best beauty benefit of drinking water is how radiant your skin will look. Water helps flush toxins from our cells, assists in collagen production, keeps your skin clearer by fighting blemishes such as acne or eczema, helps your skin stay hydrated, can make damage heal faster (such as from sunburns), and aids in processes involving anti-aging. There’s really no downside to drinking more.

Get healthier hair.

You wouldn’t think that drinking water can have an effect on your hair, but the reality is that it totally can. Water prevents hair loss and hair damage. Hair contains a lot of water and, since hair is not a vital organ, it is one of the last things that get access to the water we drink. Therefore, if we don’t drink enough water, it can lead to hair thinning, loss, and breakage.

Strengthen your nails.

Another thing we wouldn’t consider being affected by how hydrated we are is our nail health. However, water can assist your nails in growing long and strong by preventing them from breaking, peeling, and preventing your cuticles from being dry and flakey.

The bottom line is that water contributes to your overall health, so grab an extra glass today and you’ll be on the way to healthier hair, nails, and skin!