Many people pick their favorite precious gems based on their birthstones. But another way to find and collect a favorite is to base your gems on your personality. Colors have many meanings, and those who study auras often connect favorite gems to personality traits. This is a way to make your jewelry and rings more personal.

You can match rings to your personality by having them custom designed or being sentimental about what you pick, too. If you’ve ever wondered what colors represent your personality, ways to express your story, and how you could incorporate more of you into your accessories and rings, read on.

Rings of the Rainbow


There are unique gemstone rings in every color of the rainbow. Some people say that there are nine colors in the human aura. An aura is a light that reflects off your body or energy that some can only see. Auras are said to be reflective of your mood and personality and can often be your favorite colors.

Whether you believe in auras or can see them or not, people with red ones are said to be passionate. Those who glow purple are leaders, and those whose auras are orange are said to have high sexual energy. If you’re looking for a change and want to switch those precious gemstone rings up, find out how your personality traits match. If you’re a leader, a great choice might be a deep purple amethyst stone. For those whose auras are green, maybe peridot.

Custom Designs and Symbols


Maybe you’re into tarot cards. Instead of picking ring gemstones based on your aura color, what about the cards you draw? Tarot cards can represent your personality too. The empress tarot represents love. A person who pulls this card is said to be nurturing and come from Earth’s roots. If this is a card that speaks to you, what about choosing a peridot stone in the shape of a leaf or a heart? It’s that easy to give your rings more meaning and help them reflect who you are.

If you’ve been collecting dolphins since you were a kid, or if your family travels to the coast each year, maybe a ring in the shape of an anchor or starfish is perfect for you. The gemstone you pick could be an ocean blue or deep sapphire. If designing your own and celebrating a special occasion or milestone, you could surround the middle stone with smaller ones to represent how many years you’re celebrating or a special occasion too. The only real limit with custom rings and designs is your imagination. But in thinking of ways to be sentimental, you get the added perk of showing off your unique personality and story, too.

Rings for all Occasions


Whether shopping for an engagement ring or wedding band or looking for something more representative of your personality, how you select and design your jewelry is entirely up to you and maybe your partner giving it to you. There are no wrong answers, from classic designs to custom pieces made of family treasures passed down to you.

As for the gemstones: In the end, all colors mean something to someone. No matter what your favorite gem or how you see strengths and weaknesses, matching gem colors to your aura and personality can be a lot of fun. From gems in your favorite color to stones that represent your mood, have fun experimenting. Once you have those rings lined up, don’t forget about matching earrings and bracelets too! You’re bound to find a fun combination that will work perfectly for your personality.