Congratulations on your big day! With your wedding checklist nearly complete, it’s time to start thinking about your honeymoon. Planning your big trip ahead will give you peace of mind after months of working on guest lists and coordinating the details of your wedding party. You already have experience juggling vendors and picking out that perfect wedding day videographer, so planning your honeymoon should be a breeze. Regardless of where you plan to go or how long you’ll stay, there are things to consider ahead of time to make it both affordable and a trip you’ll remember forever. If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your honeymoon or need some last-minute tips, read on.

Exploring Options


A honeymoon is a time to unwind after the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding and rehearsal dinner. For this reason, you want to travel with peace of mind to a place where you’ll be happiest. If you aren’t sure where you want to go just yet, consider calling a travel agent. To start brainstorming, consider what you and your soon to be bride or groom like doing together. If you love to ski, consider a ski trip in the mountains. If beaches are more your thing, think about a tropical honeymoon. Not sure where to go? You can always find ideas on Pinterest.

Once you know the general climate or how far you’re willing to travel, take some time to research activities on your bucket lists. If you’ve always wanted to zip line or parasail, for example, look for destinations that offer these activities before calling a licensed travel agent. Or, if you’re travel savvy, start making those bookings yourself.

Covering Your Trip


Regardless of where you’re going, you’ll need to make sure you’re covered. If you plan to travel in an RV, for example, be sure to make sure your RV extended warranty is ready to roll. Unless you’re traveling in a new RV, this could be important to a successful trip overall. Be sure too, that any vehicle you’ll be traveling in has comprehensive coverage from a reputable company with it.

Traveler’s insurance will be important too. Call your health insurance company and make sure you’re covered for any illness or accident while you’re away. Most companies will not cover you out of your home country so buying additional travel insurance will guarantee you’re covered should something go wrong. Check with your homeowner or rental insurance to be sure your valuables are covered, too. While this will take work, it will pay off should you run into trouble. The last thing you want is a memory of your honeymoon going wrong because of massive repair costs, waiting around for roadside assistance, or stolen valuables that could have been handled by warranty coverage for your RV.

Finalizing Plans


As you run through that final checklist for planning your wedding take time out to go over the final details for your honeymoon, too. One way to get excited is to start a blog post on your wedding website about your upcoming travels. Your wedding guest will be able to follow along, too. While it might not seem important now, your wedding day is only one day, while your honeymoon is likely a week or more. For this reason, locking the details like accommodations ahead of time is as important as locking down the band, getting your marriage license, checking in with the florist, picking your wedding venue, and making sure the bridal party has the right tux or gown.

You already know a wedding timeline includes a lot of work ahead of time and things like making arrangements for out of town guests means some work ahead. The same applies to your romantic vacation. No matter how many times you and your partner have gone on vacation together, your honeymoon will be different. The best way to make it memorable will be to take care of the details ahead so that when you finally hit those beaches or that waterfall you can focus on celebrating your marriage. Plan ahead and you’ll thank yourself for it. Congratulations on your marriage and happy travels to you!