As this difficult year draws to a close, the cold nights of winter will soon be upon us. But there’s always a little warmth guaranteed on those icy December nights, as Christmas gets closer, and the festive spirit takes hold. But while COVID-19 will be an unwelcome guest during the holidays, this years’ festivities may be the essential remedy to relieve the tension that has followed the Coronavirus pandemic.

Gift-giving to the family members of younger years of age is quite straightforward. Children have this wonderful ability to communicate the full details within the letters they sent to Santa Claus, that it would be hard not to notice what they’re inferring that they would like to unwrap on Christmas Day morning. Babies and new arrivals are easier still, they simply don’t know nor care and are happy with anything.

For the older members of your family, the greatest gift you and they are likely to receive this year is the ability to spend time together—aside from good health and wellness of course! But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to give them a gift if you can help it. Obviously, Christmas is about far more than the exchanging of merchandise, and especially this year where so many of us have been separated. But even in a good year, you have to account for the fact that you’ve family members who are nigh-on impossible to buy gifts for. Claiming they’ll be happy with gift cards, you know that there is something out there that will really make this year-end on a high, bringing a bit of balance to the difficult start to the 2020s.

So, to help you relax into Christmas, ward off insomnia brought about by a lack of gift ideas and regain the gift of restful sleep for yourself, here is a guide to making gift-giving a little easier.

Think outside the box.

Let’s start with an obvious point here—the reason why it’s hard to buy a gift for some members of the family is that they themselves do not know what they want. They appreciate what they have already, and will love whatever you get them, even if it was the last item of a clearance sale in a discount store and was then given to you for free. So, straight away, you’re off the hook. You aren’t expected to break the bank for them. In fact, you’re more likely discouraged from spending much at all.

But the best part about this is, you have a clean slate in which you can encourage them to try new things, or blend in old ideas with more modern ones. For those who want for nothing, everything is on the table.

I’m not giving them that!

Here is a suggestion from way out of the left-field—consider getting some CBD for your relatives. Now, before you run for the hills, here is a little fact-checking to balance out the argument. CBD is a form of cannabidiol, a cannabis extract, and so it is part of the Cannabis family. It is also true that Marijuana is also a derivative of the Cannabis plant. But, unlike marijuana, which is illegal in the United States, CBD products are perfectly legal if they contain less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). The ratio of THC is important here, as this is the chemical compound that gives smoking marijuana it’s psychoactive properties, otherwise known as its “high.” If the CBD source, like the hemp plant, has more than that 0.3% THC content, then it is called as Marijuana.

However, since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed in the United States, the production and distribution of hemp and cannabis extract have been legalized, meaning it’s perfectly fine to buy. The reasons why are many, as it is popular amongst consumers for the relief it provides for those with uncomfortable everyday conditions, such as sore muscles or discomfort in the joints. Even a small amount can go a long way to relieve the discomfort of both a physical and mental type. Those with an overactive mind who find it difficult to unwind, could perhaps benefit from just a few relaxing drops of CBD oils or tinctures, and enjoy a little mental clarity that comes with it.

Still on the fence?

Beyond the assistance to unwind, there are other forms of CBD products that can make for a cool, surprising gift for a relative. The Root of It All, an all-natural CBD and Ayurvedic ointments vendor, sell topicals for skin and muscle care and a line of essential oil tinctures for energy and alertness. It is worth checking out their website anyway, for a fascinating insight into the historical South Indian medicinal practices of Ayurveda, and learning how The Root of It All infuse natural ingredients into the formulation of topical ointments. Herbs and spices like ginger, basil, and turmeric, as well as cloves of garlic, are classed as Ayurvedic herbs. Edibles that have these Ayurvedic ingredients are considered to be good for your digestion, and so putting these nutrients together could be a wonderful out-of-the-box gift with wellness benefits too.

One more thing, The Root of It All has free shipping on all of their product line, with no exclusions, limited time restraints, or exceptions.

For the more traditional…

A more classic way to unwind after a long day is with either a nice glass of wine, or a whisky on the rocks. Alcoholic beverages may not be entirely great for you (although, fermented grapes may have some surprising health benefits), there’s nothing wrong with a scotch or a bourbon to close out the evening, before bed. Alcoholic beverages are a popular gift across the U.S. and it’s not hard to see why. A quick trip to any liquor store, such as Joe Canal’s Discount Liquor Store in Lawrenceville, NJ (worth the drive, if you’re in the New York area), will demonstrate just how varied alcoholic beverages are. From scotch whiskies that have been allowed to age before being released from the distillery to bourbon-whisky blends, rosemary or lavender flavored gin, and all colors of wines, it might be worth getting someone a decent bottle to add to their wine store. Remember though, only drink alcoholic beverages in moderation, and only gift it to someone who plans on sharing!

Sticking with the classics.

If all else fails, then you can’t go wrong with women’s clothing. Yes, there is the concern that you could get the size wrong but a little espionage can circumnavigate that particular puzzle. Or just call someone who knows, and they’ll let you in on the secret.

What does tend to put people off getting their relatives a nice new addition to the wardrobe is a concern that the recipient won’t be a fan of the style. No sooner has a new range of jackets come out than they’re on the clearance line, and have a discount stuck to their label. Accessories are no different here, as bags, scarves, and hats are all the rage in one season, and obscenely dated the next.

So a suggestion to avoid this gift-giving faux-pas of presenting a new wardrobe item that will soon find a permanent home in the bottom of it is to be a tad more general. Women’s clothing doesn’t have to be loud to be proud, nor eclectic to be electric! Stylish clothing and accessories such as Chico’s Off the Rack line, aren’t just fabulous to wear now, but great for the future too. Go for the options that have scaled back a little on their patterning, but look like they could be worn at any time and occasion.


You have limited time to get these gifts before Christmas as the Coronavirus pandemic may yet cause problems to U.S. postal services. Get your gift shopping done as soon as you can, just in case.