Tips for Packing for a 7-Day Vacation

Your travel wardrobe doesn’t have to lack style or comfort, but you do need to rethink your travel basics. It’s always a good idea...
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Meet Joie Winter

Founder & Director
After years of freelancing as an interior designer, and while studying to become an integrative health coach, I was also working full-time as a healthcare manager in the public health sector. Eventually, I took the leap and left my professional healthcare career and contract design jobs to begin my journey as a health, wellness, and personal happiness coach and writer. When I started Yes on HHH, I was still doing some design consulting on the side, and I became more deeply involved in the theme of how our personal spaces affect our mental and emotional wellness.  What started as a holistic wellness journal turned into a full fledged health, design, and relationship wellness company. And now I’m here, supporting health coaches and wellness professionals with all things nutrition, design, and online publications.  After I finally began heavily focusing my energy into all things health and wellness, while incorporating my design practice, I realized how the synthesis of these life themes could be integrated into holistic wellness and personal happiness.  Writing my book, Wanderlust: How to Travel and Design with Wellness in Mind, was a lifelong dream, as this fuses all of my passions of home, health and travel. On top of all of these other interests, I am also a wife and mother of two in San Francisco. I founded Yes on HHH as a place to support my readers in living their healthiest, happiest life. Thank you for trusting me on your journey.